Master degree project

Memento is a writing desk which tries to embody the traditional and historical value of this object together with an attention to the current society and customers’ demand. The general concept, which is based on the idea of ​​memory and the emotional value of the object in question, focuses on the sensorial and material expression of its parts, which enhance and encourage the use of our five senses highlighting their physical interaction with the surrounding without the aid of advanced technologies but focusing entirely on human experience. The researched solution wants to bring that magical aura which has always surrounded it, back, in a world where man is forgetting to feel and experite with its body and is always looking for emotions and solutions in the virtual and high tech world. The trapezoidal profile translates the very first purpose of the writing desk (writing important manuscripts and documents down) in a structure that creates a personal, safe and emotional space. The shutter is the element which gives Memento several interesting configurations when opened or closed, front-side or back view. The structure is made by oak, a very smelly, strong and touchy wood, meanwhile the interior accessories, divisors and extra-space, designed to improve the customization, can be lacquered or covered with a thin layer of eco-friendly leather, in different colors.
With Memento the memories of the past re-emerge. Its simple and elegant lines represent a timeless icon.